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Luke - Introduction Luke Intro
Luke - complete Audio and PDF version


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Dedication to Theophilus


Luke 1:1-4
The birth of John the Baptist foretold


Luke 1:5-25
The birth of Jesus foretold


Luke 1:26-38
Mary Visits Elizabeth


Luke 1:39-45
Mary's Song


Luke 1:46-56
The Birth of John the Baptist


Luke 1:57-66
Zechariah's Song


Luke 1:67-80
The birth of Jesus


Luke 2:1-7
The Shepherds and the Angels


Luke 2:8-20
Circumcision & Jesus Presented in the Temple


Luke 2:21-24
Simeon sees God's Salvation


Luke 2:25-35
Anna Bears Witness to the Redeemer


Luke 2:36-40
Jesus Advances in Wisdom & Favour


Luke 2:41-52
John the Baptist Prepares the Way


Luke 3:1-20
The Baptism of Jesus


Luke 3:21-38
The temptation of Jesus


Luke 4:1-15
Jesus rejected at Nazareth


Luke 4:16-30
Jesus drives out an Evil Spirit


Luke 4:31-37
Jesus heals many


Luke 4:38-44
Four fishermen called as disciples   Luke 5:1-11
The man with leprosy


Luke 5:12-16
Jesus heals a Paralytic


Luke 5:17-26
The calling of Levi the taxcollector


Luke 5:27-32
Jesus questioned about fasting


Luke 5:33-39
Lord of the Sabbath


Luke 6:1-11
The twelve Apostles


Luke 6:12-19
Blessings and Woes


Luke 6:20-26
Love for enemies


Luke 6:27-36
Judging others


Luke 6:37-42
A tree and its fruit


Luke 6:43-45
The wise and foolish builders


Luke 6:46-49
The faith of the centurion


Luke 7:1-10
Jesus raises a widow's son


Luke 7:11-17
Jesus and John the Baptist


Luke 7:18-35
Jesus annointed by a sinful woman


Luke 7:36-50
The parable of the sower


Luke 8:1-15
A lamp on the stand - Jesus' mother and brothers


Luke 8:16-21
Jesus calms the storm


Luke 8:22-25
The healing of a demon-possessed man


Luke 8:26-39
A dead girl and sick woman


Luke 8:40-56
Jesus sends out the Twelve


Luke 9:1-9
Jesus feeds the Five Thousands


Luke 9:10-17
Peter's confession of the Messiah


Luke 9:18-22
Take up the cross and follow Him


Luke 9:23-27
The transfiguration


Luke 9:28-36
The healing of a boy with an evil spirit


Luke 9:37-45
Who will be the greatest?


Luke 9:46-50
Samaritan opposition


Luke 9:51-56
The cost of following Jesus


Luke 9:57-62
Jesus sends out the Seventy-two


Luke 10:1-16
Names written in Heaven


Luke 10:17-24
The parable of the Good Samaritan


Luke 10:25-37
At the home of Martha and Mary


Luke 10:38-42
The Lord's Prayer


Luke 11:1-4
Ask and you shall receive


Luke 11:5-13
Jesus and the beelzebub


Luke 11:14-28
The sign of Jonah


Luke 11:29-32
The lamb of the body


Luke 11:33-36
Six woes


Luke 11:37-54
Do not fear men


Luke 12:1-7
The sin against the Holy Spirit


Luke 12:8-10
The parable of the Rich Fool


Luke 12:11-34


Luke 12:35-48
Not peace but division - interpretation of the times


Luke 12:49-59
Repent or Perish


Luke 13:1-9
A Crippled Woman Healed on the Sabbath


Luke 13:10-17
Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast


Luke 13:18-21
The Narrow Door; Jesus' Sorrow for Jerusalem


Luke 13:22-35
Healing on the Sabbath


Luke 14:1-6
The Humble will be exalted, the Proud will be humiliated


Luke 14:7-14
The Parable of the Great Banquet


Luke 14:15-24
The Cost of Being a Disciple


Luke 14:25-35
The Parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin


Luke 15:1-10
The Parable of the Lost Son


Luke 15:11-32
The Parable of the Shrewd Manager


Luke 16:1-13
Additional Teachings


Luke 16:14-18
The Rich Man and Lazarus


Luke 16:19-31
Sin, Faith, Duty


Luke 17:01-10
Ten healed of leprosy


Luke 17:11-19
The Coming of the Kingdom of God


Luke 17:20-37
The Parable of the Persistent Widow


Luke 18:1-8
Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector


Luke 18:9-14
The Little Children and Jesus


Luke 18:15-17
The rich ruler


Luke 18:18-30
Jesus Again Predicts His Death


Luke 18:31-34
A Blind Beggar Receives His Sight


Luke 18:35-43
Zacchaeus the Tax Collector


Luke 19:1-10
The Parable of the Ten Minas


Luke 19:11-27
The Triumphal Entry


Luke 19:28-40
Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem; At the Temple


Luke 19:41-48
The Authority of Jesus Questioned


Luke 20:1-8
The Parable of the Tenants


Luke 20:9-19
Paying Taxes to Caesar


Luke 20:20-26
The Resurrection and Marriage


Luke 20:27-47
The Widow's Offering


Luke 21:1-4
Destruction of Temple, Signs of End of the Age


Luke 21:5-19
Destruction of Jerusalem, Son of Man Coming


Luke 21:20-38
Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus


Luke 22:1-06
Jesus Institutes the Lord's Supper


Luke 22:7-23
The disciples arguments about greatness


Luke 22:24-30
Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial


Luke 22:31-38
Jesus Prays and is Arrested at Gethsemane


Luke 22:39-53
Peter Disowns Jesus


Luke 22:54-62
Guards mock Jesus, Jesus before Sanhedrin


Luke 22:63-71
Jesus before Pilate and Herod


Luke 23:1-12
Jesus sentenced


Luke 23:13-25
The Crucifixion


Luke 23:26-43
Jesus' Death, Jesus Burial


Luke 23:44-56
The Resurrection


Luke 24:1-12
On the Road to Emmaus


Luke 24:13-35
Jesus appears to the Disciples


Luke 24:36-49
The Ascension


Luke 24:50-53